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Finally crack the content code that has you standing out and dream clients lining up to work with you.


Create content that oozes authenticity, originality and positions you as a go-to for your people. 


Clarify your message and never be stuck for content ideas every again

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You’ve probably landed here because you’re passionate about what you do and you want to market & grow your business in a way that feels good - from a place of integrity & authenticity. 

I am willing to bet that plug and play templates, copy and paste scripts, pain point marketing, exhausting follow/unfollow growth strategies that suck your time and disconnect you from your not what you signed up for.

Now of course I know you WANT guidance, you want to be shown HOW to create content that cuts through the noise BUT you don't want to end up sounding like a sales robot.

I mean, if you wanted a soulless job where you are told exactly what to do and say, when and HOW - you would have stayed in a 9-5, right?

If you're anything like me and my clients, you want to find YOUR authentic voice and unlock original ideas that stands out in this busy space and has your dream clients DM'ing YOU to work with you.

"After the first session I INSTANTLY felt more clearer and more confident in my content - After the call I wrote and sent out my first promo email for my new offer...and got 12 people signing up and paying instantly. Incredible!"

Rosie (Songwriting Coach)

Let me take a wild guess...


You're not sure how to stand out - the market feels so saturated! Sure, people keep telling you to "be more YOU" to stand out online...but you have no idea how to do this when you don't feel that you have anything unique or special enough to stand out.  


✦ Considering how long you spend in canva, you're in a creative rut saying the same thing. Content creation feels like a chore rather than something you're excited and inspired by.


✦ You find it hard to properly communicate what you actually do and find yourself attracting the "love-your-content-but-never buying" folk and feels like they'd need a lot of convincing to say yes...which feels gross and exhausting. 


You're overthinking and second guessing your content and find yourself looking at other people' content (IG, website, emails) for "inspiration" or to "check" how it should be done


When all you're seeing are *7 Figure* business coaches helping *6 figure* business coaches helping other coaches're starting to wonder if massive impact & financial success doing things more true to you is even possible (It is)

If you've been wondering...



"How can I stand out in this busy online space and attract more aligned clients?"


"How can I be more me and not take myself so seriously online - whilst also still being taken seriously by potential clients?"


"How do I stop worrying what other people think so I can promote myself more?"


"How do I create content that has people DM'ing me to work with me?"



Courageous Voice is an implementation focused program and will completely change your relationship with creating marketing and sales social content. My promise to you is that if you show up and do the work, you (and your business) will never be the same again.

Yes, I'm ready for this uplevel

"I feel like I'm trying much less hard and just being me more and I am having more conversations and so much more engagement in my content than ever. This is honestly amazing!"

-M (PT & Nutritionist)

Waiting For You Inside Courageous Voice...



Learn who your dream client ACTUALLY is using my unique client traffic light method which will change how you create content and who you attract in - for good! Understand how to speak to them in your content in ways nobody else is that gets them asking questions like "are you in my head?"



Perhaps you're in Group A and already realise that you're awesome and have a lot of unique experiences and trainings that you feel should be a draw to your ideal clients..but you don't know why your X Factor isn't translating online. Or perhaps you're in Group B in that you don't think you have an X-Factor, a unique need help identifying what this is and how to show it.



Learn the reasons people buy by understanding buyer psychology. Once you know this you'll save yourself so much time and energy as you'll have a great understanding of what actually makes a difference. Learn how to drive sales without just creating pain point marketing and complete this module with a whole new level of marketing & sales knowledge and content ideas.



I don't need to tell you that it's not just what you say, it's how you say it. There are a LOT of people online saying things...but the ones who are fully behind their message, who are embodied, confident and aligned wit the words are the ones standing out and gaining traction. In this module you'll have radical shifts in how you see yourself and your business and take your power back from the limiting beliefs and fears that have been keeping you dialled down. Using power conscious and subconscious methods - you'll step up and into a whole new version of you that unapologetically puts yourself out there online in ways you never have before.



Learn how to refine your social content so it slices through the busy online space where everyone is creating the same "how to" and "high level" content. You're going to really get to the heart of your work, know how to show what you do from so many incredible angles, and get to the heart of what your clients wants and needs to hear right you become the go to choice for the ready-to-invest dream client. 



You've got the clarity and refinement down to a it's time to add a laywer of creativity Learn how to create captivating content that attracts your ideal people - that comes from the heart and is unique in it's delivery, so you not only stand out but it captivates and compells your ideal clients. As a professional songwriter I know the power of the words we use, how to tell a story and tap into an emotion that captivates an audience. You're going to learn the art of magnetic marketing using powerful songwriting secrets. 



Whether you've never even heard of Human Design before or you've been staring at your chart for years - this is perfect for you. At the end of this module you'll have a solid understanding of what you can draw from your unique human design to create aligned and magnetic content. You will have guidance and in real-time prompts to create content based on your unique HD type, profile & centres. Get ready to take things up another epic level.



Each week there are content prompts and ideas for you to try out in real time. This is a great opportunity to get out of your own head, get out of your content rut and have practical ideas to implement and get feedback from me in real time. Want to know how you can up level a piece? Want to have someone else's eyes on your content to learn how to refine it and bring more of you into it? This is honestly my favourite part of the program because we learn by doing.



Not only will you learn from me when you join but you'll learn from being in a community of likeminded individuals asking questions, sharing and up-levelling their content. Share your wins, challenges and stay motivated in a private Telegram community. 

 You'll Also Get These Amazing Bonuses



This is a jam-packed sales course that includes: 

Module 1: Sales Mindset

Module 2: Selling Before The Call

Module 3: Connecting & Selling In the Dms

Module 4: Booking Sales Calls

Module 5: Pre-Sales Questionnaires

Module 6: How To Lead A Sales Call 

Module 7: 6 Figure Soulful Sales Script/Guide

Module 8: What to do if it was a "bad" call

Module 9: Getting Paid

BONUS: Magnetic Sales Masterclass


This is EVERYTHING that has helped me - and many of my clients - to book sales calls and sign truly epic clients every single month. 



This is perfect for you if you're completely knew to Human Design as it includes: 

1: Introduction To Human Design

2: HD Types

3: Strategy

4: Authority

This covers the foundational pieces of HD that is perfect to begin your understanding and journey with HD


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"I'm now making more money on projects I'm genuinely passionate about, in less time. I feel so proud of myself and I can't thank Lauren enough for the difference she's made to my life"

- Rose, Brand Strategist (UK)


The Nuts & Bolts



Each week there will be a live call that is part-workshop, part-training and part-coaching. You will learn powerful new skills and get your questions answered in real time during weekly themed calls designed to unlock YOU and unlock your next level of business growth.
(Value: $2500) 



This is an intimate container where you'll get your specific questions answered, my eyes on your content and your creativity. This space gives you Mon-Friday private group Telegram access for live in the moment feedback as you implement what you're learning in real time.
(Value: $2000) 



You get access to powerful mindset-shifting tools that will unlock the creative, courageous & confident version of you: EFT Tapping, TIME Techniques, Meditations and more. 
(Value: $800) 



A private community of powerhouse entrepreneurs building businesses they love all around the globe.
(Value: Priceless)


 Get immediate access to the Sales With Soul: Success Kit and the Human Design Masterclass 
(Value: $555) 


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It's time to put your courage where your mouth is to get heard & get paid

In a world of AI, your unique humanness is what will stand out...

...your content needs a heartbeat!

The heart of your business growth is not found in cookie-cutter formulas or processes, nor in learning to talk like someone else.


Whether you're doing it consciously or unconsciously - adopting someone else's voice only perpetuates not feeling "seen", the stress and push of content creation and calling in unaligned clients.


One thing I pride myself on is that I have built both my businesses with a magic blend of courageous self-expression, creativity and a dedication to learn how to communicate my work and my energy through my social content. 


We've all been taught to learn from experts, regurgitate, rinse and repeat and not trust in our own voice. 


But building a business you love is not about meticulously planning every single word, nailing the perfect hook or call to action. 


What truly matters is truthful communication and connection. 


"I went from having a small view of whats possible to realising there is so much more for me to achieve. I launched a group program and filled it with aligned clients. More importantly I released some very sticky beliefs - I hardly recognise myself now and feel I've come back to a more confident and self-trusting me!"

- Lumi (Marketing Coach)


(A unique blend, right?)
Here's some things you may want to know...
BA in Anthropology, Certified Life & Success Coach, Certified NLP, EFT, TIME, Hypnotherapy Practitioner. Trained in Human Design & Positive Psychology
Launched personal development business Courage Core during the Covid Pandemic, quitting my job working for a record label 4 months later as I work with clients all over the world - signing clients from my social media content alone. 
I've written and released 2 albums as a recording artist & songwriter which have been featured in press (Telegram) , on the Radio (BBC) & TV (Love Island)
I've performed my original songs in front of thousands in some of the most iconic venues across the UK, Europe and USA: London Palladium (UK),  Bluebird (USA),  Amsterdam Paradiso (Netherlands)




 Hear what some of my lovely clients have to say

Find out what happens when your courage meets your content

🚨 First call is 10th October 2023 🚨

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"I cannot begin to explain how much Lauren has helped me in my business. Hiring her has been one of the best decisions I took for my business, my only regret was not hiring her sooner"

Erika (Found, Empowered Change)