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 "I am now making more money, doing work I am passionate about, in less time. I can't thank Lauren enough for this"

~ Rose, Branding Strategist (UK)

"I have taken numerous courageous steps in my business since doing this work, I have basically doubled my business income! SO grateful"

~ Tereza, VA (South Africa)

"I honestly feel like I'm trying much less hard and just being more ME and I am having more client conversations and so much more engagement than ever. This is amazing!"

~ Mariel, Online Fitness & Health Coach

"This was the work I didn't know I needed until we started - FINALLY I'm starting my food truck business. I am no longer blocking myself - I was skeptical but not anymore!!

 - Vanessa, Food Truck Entrepreneur


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I'm a Global Subconscious Mindset Coach & Transforming Business Owners into Courageous CEOs

Now, when it comes to creating success, I’m committed to walking my talk, which is why in the last few years, I’ve:

  • Certified in Life & Success Coaching, NLP, EFT, TIME, Hypnotherapy, Human Design and Positive Psychology.

  • Launched my coaching business, surpassed my previous 9-5 income and quit my job in 6 months - using subconscious reprogramming work as my core strategy.

  • Helped clients all over the world start their business and and scale with steadfast courage.

  • Run subconscious mindset workshops for Amazon and entrepreneurs around the world

And after years of working with hundreds of incredible entrepreneurs, here’s what I realised… 

When you have these powerful tools available to you, you are able to fast track your growth so much quicker. 

I'm excited to share them with you now :)