Welcome To Courage Pod™️

Welcome To Courage Pod™️ with me Lauren Ray, The Courage Coach®. If you are ambitious and seeking to be unapologetically you, cultivate a limitless mindset and expand in life, love and business - you are in the right place!

This podcast is a result of countless hours of research and trainings, hundreds of client sessions, walking myself through the ups and downs of my music career, building a thriving business from scratch during the pandemic and becoming a full time entrepreneur when everyone else said "it's too risky', and of course walking myself through the challenges that relationships, heartbreak and life brings us...all with steadfast courage.

I'll be dropping gems every Monday and I promise you this will be insightful, inspiring, energising, informative and supportive of your massive goals in life, love and business. I'm happy you're coming along for this courageous ride!

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