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Break Free From The Fears & Beliefs Holding You Back And Unlock Limitless Visibility, Impact & Income


...By Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind & Building Unshakeable Courage


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"Working with Lauren has transformed my life and business in so many ways. Find the resources to work with her!"
- Kelly, Entrepreneur & Speaker (USA)

I imagine you’ve landed here because if you’re anything like me and my clients, you have a vision to have a massive impact in the world… and this is no small undertaking. You’re passionate and you desire to have freedom and be abundantly compensated doing work you love and you want to do that on your terms, by being uniquely you. 

Just imagine how much easier creating this DREAM life, business & wealth of yours will be when...


You have stopped second-guessing and worrying about people judging you for putting yourself out there, and your creating opportunities for yourself with unapologetic confidence.


You have eliminated procrastination, self-sabotage and imposter syndrome - you feel empowered and are making bold moves!


▵You have clarity on what you truly want in all areas of life and actually manifesting it into your reality.


▵You have an unshakeable inner certainty and know that no matter what life or business throws at you - you're going to thrive.


You have released all your fears and disempowering stories you had around success and money and have never been more abundant!


This is all possible for you, and so much more!




Entrepreneurship is a journey into the unknown and it requires courage. 


Which is exactly why I created Courage Academy.  It is a revolutionary mindset & courage building program that has been intentionally designed to give you the best of the best when it comes to releasing your limiting beliefs and fearsreprogramming your subconscious mind for success, building inner courage and confidence so you become unstoppable.

This is for ambitious women who are done playing small and who are ready to claim MORE - unapologetically! CA gives you the tools, breakthroughs and guidance so that your can create your dream life, business and earn more money - with more ease - without worrying what other people think, feeling guilty or unworthy.

Most importantly of all, it is results-driven, an empowering & supportive community that makes your transformation - joyful!


Top 3 Reasons My Clients Seek This Work Out


To overcome fear of judgement, failure and imposter syndrome. To stop procrastinating, comparing and stuck in perfectionism. To build self-trust and be putting themselves out there, building their dream life & biz with unapologetic confidence


To transform their relationship with money, to start earning with confidence and feel good about receiving an abundance of income and being able to hold it. Not constantly worrying there's not enough but feel safe receiving & building wealth. 


To build their visibility,  impact and income doing work they love. To build a dream community online and feel like the legit business owner making consistent income. Whether a coach, service provider, product biz or musician, to feel confident making CEO moves. 


Doesn't matter if you're on day one or 10 years in - it’s not about the stage you’re at in business but it’s about who you're willing to become on your path to success. Even the most confident and successful women have inner "stuff" to work through:

▵ The imposter syndrome that emerges at every new level of success

▵ The sneaky comparison and "when is it my turn" you know you *shouldn’t* feel (but you do)

▵ The fear of being cancelled and judged for speaking your truth or making a mistake online

▵  The doubts & pressures that come with blazing an unconventional path that no one else you know is going for

… I’m OBSESSED with helping my clients get to the root of the problem, rather than splashing around at surface level...the work I do is deep, it's at the subconscious level and transformational. 

My Clients (So Far) Have...


▵ Finally started & scaled their dream business after years thinking about it

▵ Raised their prices and 10 x their income with confidence

▵ Scaled their online community from 4K to 45k+

▵ Become thought leaders and paid speakers in their field

▵ Released new music and got TV & Radio features (yes I work with creative entrepreneurs too)


And even though these weren't a key focus of our time, because I work with my clients as whole-humans,  inevitably their growth impacts other areas of life and they have reported: 

▵ Better sleep, energy and health as a byproduct of their increased self-worth

▵ Restructured their business to create more freedom and balance in their life

▵ Found the courage to end unhappy relationships and start something new

▵ Finally felt "not-broken" after learning about their human design

▵ Found more ease and flow between work-life and family-life

and so much more....

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Meet Rose...

"Lauren helped me fall back in love with my business that I've spent years building. Four months on from relaunching my business after working with Lauren, I'm making more money on projects I'm genuinely passionate about, in less time. I feel so proud of myself and I can't thank Lauren enough for the difference she's made to my life"

- Brand Strategist (UK)

Meet Erika...

"The investment is worth every penny! Being an entrepreneur is challenging and if it's your first time (like it was for me) it can be overwhelming. I cannot begin to explain how much Lauren has helped me in my business. hiring her has been one of the best decisions I took for my business, my only regret was not hiring her sooner."

- Founder, Empowered Change (Italy)


This Is Perfect For You If Right Now...


▵ Part of you feels so strongly that you are meant for so much more, and yet there's another (often louder) part of you that is doubtingsecond-guessing, worrying and ultimately keeps you playing small. You desire to be able to show up unapologetically!


▵ You have big goals, you want to get amazing results, you desire massive abundance and you want to do it without burning out.


▵ You see other people creating the life & business success you want, living out their incredible lives and wondering, why them and not you? You’re genuinely wondering if there’s some secret knowledge that “successful people” just AREN’T sharing. You’re realising that there must be something that you just don’t know.  


▵ You keep saying to yourself that you'll finally start as soon as [insert all the excuses here] and yet another year goes by. 


▵ Deep down, you know that just strategy isn't what you need. To go bigger, you have to go look inward; to discover and address the parts of you that are keeping you from expanding. You know there is more of you to be expressed, to be unapologetically seen. 


▵ You keep doing "all the things", setting goals, buying the books, setting new years resolutions and yet life feels stagnant no matter what you do, you keep sliding backwards from your goals. You're truly ready to move the needle FORWARD!


▵ You are ready to step into your next level, be even more abundantly compensated, and to create greater impact, freedom and ease in all areas of your life.

It's not your fault! We aren't taught any of this in schools, we have all been taught to rely on hustle, motivation and willpower to achieve our goals.

BUT you can reprogram your subconscious mind to attract MORE in life and actually break the habits that have been holding you back.


Waiting For You Inside Courage Academy Is Unapologetic...




AND Your Next Level Of Success!


"After Courage Academy I have clarity on my VA business, I have started all my social media accounts, I am completing a VA course to add to my skill set and I have 2 additional clients and basically doubled my income in my business since starting. I feel I have taken numerous courageous steps in my business after Courage Academy and I am so happy to have been a part of this experience."

- Tereza, South Africa

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Introducing The 3R Method™️

The 3R Method is my signature tried-and-tested transformational process and is the secret ingredient for countless successful entrepreneurs, coaches, creatives and executives. This subconscious reprogramming and mindset shifting method is how me and my high level clients are able to launch businesses, get visible, have massive impact and create beautiful lives with more ease, in a way that feels good and FASTER.


There isn't a mindset block this method can't help you breakthrough. Here are some of the key areas my clients seek out this work for:

The Powerful Process


In this first phase we set you up for success. You will walk away with a solid foundation of what courage is, how to build it, how you subconscious mind works and the importance of emotional regulation work throughout your growth journey. You will know how to make the most out of the program so you THRIVE with ease. 


This phase takes you through a proven process of becoming deeply aware of what you truly want, your values and your thoughts, feelings, behaviours, understanding how they can have been impacting or empowering you. In this phase you will get to know yourself in ways you never have before. We will uncover and identify which beliefs, thoughts and stuck emotions are blocking your success. 


In the RELEASE phase of the program, you are going to implement the most effective tools proven by neuroscience and ancient spirituality to release core limiting beliefs that are keeping you from creating a life less than what you truly deserve. You are going to dismantle, challenge and release everything that has been holding you back. Drawing from powerful modalities including EFT, TIME, Hypnotherapy, Forgiveness & Unshaming work and more…this is a powerful process.


Our brains are incredibly powerful and malleable - so we get to decide and create who we are. In this phase you will decide who you are and then using these powerful tools you will encode new, empowering beliefs into your subconscious minds. You will feel like a whole new person - the person you were born to be (before conditioning got in the way). Say hello to unapologetic confidence, setting boundaries, high self-worth and self-trust and making bold courageous moves. 


Inside Courage Academy I draw from a number of powerful modalities including Hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), TIME Techniques, Positive Psychology, NLP and more.....Some of these modalities are on-demand so you can go back to them time and time again as you need and some I will facilitate live in the community.

Meet Mimi...


"I LOVED working with Lauren, she's one of the best coaches I've ever worked with. She gave me the tools and confidence I needed to truly move the needle in my business. My only regret was not working with her sooner"

- Business Coach (USA)

Meet Leesa...


"Lauren is not too tough, not too soft on you but really getting to the heart of what's going on with curiosity and genuine care. I had to get really honest with myself in this - difficult to do but so needed"

- Director & Founder (UK)

What You Get Inside CA

Lifetime Access To CA Curriculum [Value $4000]

Lifetime access to the Powerful Process (3R Method), highly-practical modules & implementation workbooks to walk you through the PRECISE steps you need to become a courageous CEO (and success magnet) - there isn't a limiting belief of mindset block this can't help you breakthrough!. 

Lifetime Access To Mindset Toolkit [Value $2000]

Lifetime access to an on-demand subconscious toolkit you can tap into anytime you need that will help you from day 0 to 1000000000. The toolkit includes hypnotherapy recordings, meditations, EFT tapping, journal prompts & so much more. 

One Year Access To Live Calls [Value $5000]

When you sign up, you get one year access to the live calls and support with me (plus guest experts). There are 3 calls every month and include live hot seat coaching and Q&A calls, live transformational practices and one key teaching call on powerful topics. Calls are hosted for different timezones.

One Year Access To Private Community [Value $1000]

Courage is absolutely contagious so inside this exclusive Courage Academy community we all grow together. This is a powerful space where we celebrate, encourage and create our beautiful lives and businesses together. 

Plus (because people ask) there is the opportunity to continue with the live support after 1 year on a rolling basis

PLUS Over $1000 of BONUS Trainings

[Keep Scrolling]  👇



▵  Magnetic Sales Masterclass: discover EXACTLY what you need to become magnetic and make money online [Value $888] 

▵  Getting Started With Human Design Training: discover how to tap into your Human Design to unlock another level of success [$222]

 Worthy Wild Woman:  Unlock your powerful unapologetic confidence & wild self-expression to create a magnetic online presence ($111)

These bonus on-demand trainings are completely FREE with Courage Academy


Hear from some of my clients...

Meet Henriette...


"I loved working with Lauren as she got to the core of my limiting beliefs quickly and I've had a lot of breakthroughs. In just a few months I've got more clarity than ever in my business and sorted out things in my life that were really transformational for me I highly recommend working with her."

- Life Coach (UK)

Meet Beata...


"Lauren is ALL IN when it comes to delivery! It was a much more tumultuous time of my life than I had expected but Lauren helped me stay on schedule and was the emotional support that I needed. She custom built our time to stay productive, provide support and create space for growth."

- Self-Love Coach (USA)
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Courage Academy is for ambitious entrepreneurial women: the visionaries, the leaders, the empire builders, the practitioners, the creatives, those who are here to create impact outside of the 9-5.

This is for ambitious Women who desire "out of the ordinary" success and who refuse to settle - one thing we all have in common is that we all have a fire inside of us and we know that once we unlock and unblock...there are limitless possibilities.

Courage Academy is one of those programs your future self will be thanking you for lifetimes to come. If you will trust me, put a little faith in the process, and a whole lot of faith in yourself… your life will never be the same again.

I have certainty that will be the case because of the certainty that I have in my methods and their ability to change the course of your life forever.

This is perfect for you if you are...


✨ Someone who is excited for change and to do the work 

✨ Eager to learn and apply new knowledge

✨ Ready to be coached, guided and supported

✨ Someone who sees this program as lifetime investment

✨ Someone who knows it's the inner work that they need to get to their next level

This is not for you if you are...


✨ Someone who has an "i already know that" mentality

✨ Someone who does not see this work and this program as a lifetime investment

✨ Unwilling to be coached and guided

✨ Looking for a quick fix or "get rich quick" scheme

✨ Looking for someone to do the work for you


When I learned how to "do the work" and "get out of my own way" I completely changed the trajectory of my life. Things that I'd been dreaming about for years FINALLY started happening. Here are just some of my "impossible" dreams that have come true as a direct result of this inner work I now teach in side Courage Academy:

  • Recorded my debut album "We Will Need Courage" in Nashville
  • My music has been played on Radio incl BBC & featured on TV shows such as Love Island & EUFA Champions League Final.
  • I've performed my songs in front of thousands in some of the most iconic venues across the UK, Europe and USA: London Palladium (UK),  Bluebird (USA),  Amsterdam Paradiso (Netherlands)
  • Recorded my 2nd Album "Woman In The Arena" With Producer Julian Emery (Lissie, Nothing But Thieves)
  • Launched my Coaching Business during the Pandemic and now work with clients all over the world.
  • And much more... but you get the gist (magic)

I am obsessed with helping other people do this same work and achieve their "impossible" dreams.

I have a degree in Anthropology, I am certified in Life & Success Coaching, NLP, EFT & Hypnotherapy and am trained in Human Design & Positive Psychology and am an expert in courage building.


Join The Revolutionary Mindset Program

And Inspiring Community

A Quick Recap...
  • Lifetime Access To Courage Academy Curriculum [$4000]
  • Lifetime Access To Mindset Toolkit [$2000]
  • 1 Year Access To Group Coaching Calls (Every other week) [$5000]
  • 1 Year Access To Private Community [$1000]
  • BONUS Magnetic Sales Masterclass [$888]
  • BONUS Courage By Design Masterclass [$222]
  • BONUS Worthy Wild Woman 2 Part Training [$111] 

When you join, you get over £14,000 of value for a limited-time investment of only..



6 Monthly Payments

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Save $313

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