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What Is Courage And How Do You Get It?

Mar 13, 2023

What Is Courage And Ho 

I am willing to bet that you've found your way here onto this page because you have ambition, you have desires, wants and DREAMS. You want something MORE or DIFFERENT in your life.

Otherwise, What do you need courage for?

Perhaps You keep seeing lot's of people around you and online achieving incredible things and living incredible lives and you might be wondering "what do they know what I don't?!" or "If I was JUST more confident I could do that".

Spoiler alert: It's not their confidence you're seeing. It's their courage.

Courage is the 'not-so-secret' secret ingredient to all those who are successful (whatever that means to you and them), to those who are putting themselves out there, having adventures and deep fulfilling relationships. 

So, what exactly Is Courage, and how do you get it? 

I've recorded a whole podcast episode for you diving into this question in detail. 

You’ll discover:

  • What is courage
  • Why courage is so important
  • The different types of courage (social, physical, intellectual, moral, emotional, spiritual)
  • How to actually build courage (because yes, it's something you can build)

If you’re ready to truly understand courage and know how YOU can become courageous so that you can create the life you actually want, this episode is for you.


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Now, if you really are looking to become courageous and you know you are SO READY to have a transformation, to know how to expand beyond your fears, doubt, imposter syndrome and "not-enoughness" and step into your next level courage then I have an invitation for you. 


Courage Academy: the work that is a result of hundreds of client sessions, countless hours of research and training that never ends, walking myself through the ups and downs of my music career, building a business from scratch during the pandemic and quitting my job when everyone else said “it’s too risky”, and of course heartbreak and LIFE...

Courage Academy is the foundation & missing key for so many brilliant women who may have it all on paper and might know WHAT to do but it’s not sticking, it’s not feeling NATURAL & EASY & JOYFUL...YET

This is not just a program. It’s an immersion. An experience. A movement!

Courage Academy is the space for an ambitious Woman who isn’t settling for anything below extraordinary (sorry men - just for women right now but I work with men 1:1 if you'd like to work together). 

If you're feeling called for an 'out of the ordinary' next-level life - this is the space for you!

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