A transformational container for the ambitious individual who is ready to create "out of the ordinary" success in life, business & wealth with more ease.




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"Working with Lauren has transformed my life and business in so many ways!"
- Kelly, Entrepreneur & Speaker (USA)
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In this high-level 1:1 container we work on building a strong connection to your most authentic and courageous self to step into your next level in life, business & wealth. We work on releasing subconscious conditioning & limiting beliefs that still keep you stuck to allow yourself to receive the abundance, impact & success you desire.

We will tap into your unique energetic blueprint using Human Design & Gene Keys to unlock your original expression and support you in building your life & business in a way that feels good to you. 

I draw from a number of different modalities and practices in this work including Hypnotherapy, EFT, Shadow Work, Parts Work, NLP and more.... in order to support you in fully anchoring in this powerful version of you.

I also provide high-level hands-on mentorship should you also be looking for this: I predominantly work with entrepreneurs and music creatives (my two areas of business expertise). 


Meet Rose...

"Lauren helped me fall back in love with my business that I've spent years building. Four months on from relaunching my business after working with Lauren, I'm making more money on projects I'm genuinely passionate about, in less time. I feel so proud of myself and I can't thank Lauren enough for the difference she's made to my life"

- Brand Strategist (UK)

Meet Erika...

"The investment is worth every penny! Being an entrepreneur is challenging and if it's your first time (like it was for me) it can be overwhelming. I cannot begin to explain how much Lauren has helped me in my business. hiring her has been one of the best decisions I took for my business, my only regret was not hiring her sooner."

- Founder, Empowered Change (Italy)

This is for you if you know you are meant for massive success...

Your life & business is ticking along OK but you are ready to meet your next growth edge. You are ready to step into your next level, be even more abundantly compensated, and to create greater impact, freedom and ease in all areas of your life.

You have big goals, you want to get amazing results, you desire massive abundance and you want to do it without burning yourself...you know it's time to strengthen your boundaries and truly anchor in who you are.

Perhaps even though you're already making money and have had some degree of success, the procrastination, self-doubt, fear of failure and success, people pleasing, imposter syndrome are somehow still there, right?

Perhaps it's got worse over time?

Deep down, you know that more strategy isn't what you need. To go bigger, you have to go look inward; to discover and address the parts of you that are keeping you from expanding.

Deep down you know there is more of you to be expressed, to be unapologetically seen. 

This is the container for this next level work, to unlock and rewrite the parts of you keeping you playing smaller than you know you are capable of. 

It's time to become so defiantly anchored in who you are and CLAIM your impact and prosperity.

My Clients Have...


▵ Started & scaled their businesses after years dreaming about doing it

▵ 10x their income in a way that feels aligned

▵ Fallen in love with their business again and themselves

▵ Become thought leaders and paid speakers in their field

▵ Felt more ease, freedom and lightness in their business

 ▵ Felt more confident, self-assured and brave than they ever have


And even though these weren't a focus of our time, because I work with my clients as whole-humans,  inevitably their growth impacts other areas of life and they have reported: 

▵ Better sleep, energy and health as a byproduct of their increased self-worth

▵ Found the courage to end unhappy relationships and start something new

▵ Finally felt "not-broken" for the first time after understanding their human design 

▵ Found more balance and flow between work-life and family-life

and so much more....

Inside Anchored & Abundant is my signature LION Method™️


Leadership ║ Identity Recalibration Original ExpressionNet Worthiness


I'm not talking about simply becoming a leader for others...I'm talking about self-leadership and stepping up into becoming the conscious creator of your dream life & business. You will cultivate regular CEO practices to ensure you are on track and creating your life and business that is aligned to your energy and core values.


Identify and release the fears and limiting beliefs keeping your playing small and then consciously redesign your new powerful identity - the person who creates the success you desire with more ease. Using tools like human design, parts work and hypnotherapy we will rewire and anchor in your new powerful identity.


You will learn to unlock your uniqueness and generate new opportunities to be seen as a thought leader and go-to expert in your business-niche. Tap into your VOICE, learn to listen to it, trust it and express it to manifest your dream reality.


Prosperity is the name of the game - it's time you felt truly worthy of it. We will dive into your worthiness and identity and release the blocks around money. Using Human Design & Gene Keys we will unlock your prosperity codes and anchor in your new abundance.  


Throughout our time together we will be utilising powerful conscious and subconscious tools to support your rapid transformation such as: EFT, Hypnotherapy, TIME, NLP, Meditations, Journaling, Shadow Work, Human Design + Gene Keys to unlock your potential faster.

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Meet Mimi...

"I LOVED working with Lauren. She is one of the best coaches I have ever worked with, I highly recommend her. She gave me great tools to actually move the needle in my business. Every call was helpful and productive and she helped my build my confidence. I am so thankful and only wish I had worked with her sooner"

- Business Coach (USA)

Meet Henriette...

"I loved working with Lauren as she got to the core of my limiting beliefs quickly and I've had a lot of breakthroughs. In just a few months I've got more clarity than ever in my business and sorted out things in my life that were really transformational for me I highly recommend working with her."

- Life Coach (UK)


I am The Courage Coach, host of Courage Pod and founder of Courage Core. What first began as a journey of personal development has grown into a successful online business, which I now support others to create for themselves.

I have seen what wholehearted women can do in this world when they shed their "not enough-ness" and start making money online in a way that works and feels good for them.

If you are ready to expand beyond your fears and become limitless, I'd love to connect and work with you. 

~ Lauren x

This container is for the Impact Driven, High-Performing Individual who...

▵ takes responsibility for their life + business and who refuses to settle

▵ understands the value in, and is committed to, their personal growth and expansion 

▵ wants an even deeper understanding of themselves, their subconscious beliefs and mindset blocks so they can consciously create their new identity - and unapologetic success

 wants to invite more lightness, ease and clarity into their life and business

▵ wants to make MOVES and achieve MASSIVE success - unapologetically

wants to show up fully expressed and become visible and the go-to expert 

▵ is already making money in their business consistently and is ready to do the inner work to expand to their next level 


This is not for you if...

▵ you're not making any money in your business yet, if you are new business owner  looking for this powerful support I would love to welcome you into my Courage Academy.

 you are looking for hard-core business strategy. Although I do provide mentorship and success guidance - In this program, the primary focus is on upleveling our inner world to support us in the expansion we desire.

The Nuts & Bolts

4 Month 1:1 Container 

Weekly Calls (16 In total) Over Zoom

》Telegam (messaging) support In between calls

》Lifetime access to a vault of on-demand mindset tools (EFT, meditations, journal prompts)

》Personalised hypnotherapy recordings, journal prompts,  meditations and more



*approx £4000



*approx £1022 p/month

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Meet Beata...

"Lauren is ALL IN when it comes to delivery! I made huge progress during our time together. It was a much more tumultuous time of my life than I had expected but Lauren helped me stay on schedule and was the emotional support that I needed. She custom built our time to stay productive, provide support and create space for growth."

- Self-Love Coach (USA)

Meet Leesa...

"I'm going to miss her dose of energy, enthusiasm and wisdom. Lauren is a delight to be coached by: not too tough, not too soft on you but really getting to the heart of what's going on with curiosity and genuine care. I was really challenged by some of the journal prompts she created, I had to get really honest with myself - difficult to do but so needed"

- Entrepreneur (USA)


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